Leaf and Lawn

Leaf and Lawn Card

10 years established now, Leaf and Lawn are this areas go-to professionals when you need anything green trimmed or taken out of your garden or any kind of fence putting in.

We are well over 9.5/10 on Checkatrade now with over 100 reviews: https://www.checkatrade.com/leafandlawn/

I have been an RBN member for getting on for perhaps 5 years now. I have happily stayed with this one all the way through while others have come and gone because it’s a particularly enjoyable and friendly group. I also get a considerable amount of business through it, and enjoy being able to pass business back into it. Over the years I have got many thousands of pounds worth of business from it just off the top of my head and had a laugh at the same time. You can’t really beat it!